EOS Crypto Doubled in 4 Sessions: What’s The Buzz?

In recent times, altcoins have been in the middle of a strong rally and many investors, as well as traders, are now taking note. One of the more notable gainers from among altcoins is EOS, which also commands the biggest market cap among those coins.

Up until this past Friday, the EOS token had rallied strongly for three days and delivered gains of 100%.One of the reasons for the rally lies in the fact that while the OES/USD trading pair is at its top this year, the price of EOS when pegged against Bitcoin has dropped.

On the other hand, the rally in altcoins seems to be favoring altcoins with large market caps and is EOS has emerged as a natural beneficiary of that particular trend. Last but not the least, the recent announcement with regards to staking rewards might have also been a factor behind the rally.