NANO Gains Further Momentum: Time To Sell Now?

When a market-wide slump takes place in the crypto space then most of the prominent tokens decline sharply but there are always some exceptions to be found.

This past week, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies crashed after Tesla owner Elon Musk expressed concerns over the environmental impact of Bitcoin. However, among the coins that moved in the opposite direction, the NANO token was particularly notable. NANO emerged as one of the biggest winners after it was marketed as an environment-friendly cryptocurrency.

NANO relies on a consensus algorithm and as a concept, it can be called almost the same as proof of concept. However, it is also marketed as a sustainable form of cryptocurrency. After the tweet from Musk, NANO made a major move and rallied by as much as 100% in a matter of 12 hours. Considering the magnitude of the gains made by NANO, it could be a cryptocurrency worth tracking by investors today.