Serum (SRM) Soars Over $10 Value: Time To Buy?

A good week is obviously here for penny crypto coin traders as Serum coin (SRM) jumps over 50% in 24 hours and 50% in a week as well. It is so strange for BTC and ETH fans who always stick to them from the beginning (since 2008).

Only speculative traders win now by investing in cheap and promising coins but miners should mine further their hard earnable ETH, BTC, XRP, and more. Jumping onto the SRM bandwagon seems wise as it is still affordable at more than $10 value.

Soon the coin may enter the top 100 with its attractive growing price. However, miners should stay away from it for a while as it is still speculated by risk-loving traders. Anytime they can acquire it by using their ETH or BTC. So no worries, miners.