Spiking Stock To Get Tripled Returns: ImmunoCellular Therapeutics (IMUC)

In the exciting period of COVID-19 soaring stocks, some OTC based biotech stocks are trying to achieve a triumph with slow growth from penny beginnings after they are beaten up in national exchanges. A similar act is being done by California’s ImmunoCellular Therapeutics (OTC: IMUC) which is currently touching a tag of $0.40 a share.

Basically, the company focuses on treating patients with various types of cancer by developing the most complex drugs which require a lot of funds. Therefore, ImmunoCellular has no revenue at all while burning the cash from lenders and investors has become routine operational business temporary.

If ImmunoCellular’s scientists find a solution or make a 100% efficacy drug for any cancer the revenue will slowly rise but the stock will surely rocket on the day of the announcement. That’s why some investors expect the future cancer drug might come out from ImmunoCellular’s lab. As the stock rose more than 60% within a month adding it to the watchlist is the wisest decision.