What is Chainlink? How To Trade To Make Profit

While the crypto market is soaring, many altcoins have gone on a remarkable rally. However, even during this time, there are many cryptocurrencies that have remained under the radar and have not moved much.

One such crypto token is that of Chainlink. One of the more important functions of crypto projects lies in smart contracts. Smart contracts are meant for either retrieving or sending any kind of data securely. Chainlink has a specific function since it helps in linking smart contracts with external sources of data.

Experts believe that Chainlink offers considerable value since it helps in the development of blockchain outside the peer-to-peer functions. The cryptocurrency had remained fairly dormant during the course of the long bull run in the market. However, recently, the Chainlink token hit a new historic high of $52 per token. The main trigger behind the rally was the launch of Chainlink 2.0.