AAVE and UNI Outperform On Bullish Momentum: Here is Why

The crypto sector has evolved at a remarkable rate over the past few years and at this point in time, Decentralized Finance projects and related tokens have garnered considerable attention from investors as well traders.

On Wednesday, there were two DeFi tokens in particular that stood out by way of the gains that they clocked. One of those was AAVE, which jumped by as much as 27% and the other was UNI, which went up by 7%.

According to Nick Mancini, research analyst at Trade the Chain, a cryptocurrency sentiments analysts firm, the crypto market is currently highly focussed on DeFI tokens and Ethereum. Over the past week or so, Ethereum has emerged as one of the most prominent gainers in the market and scaled new historic highs multiple times. The same is the case with many of the DeFi tokens and it might be a good move for investors to keep an eye on tokens like AAVE and UNI.