Cardano On Fire: Should You Invest For 2021?

The cryptocurrency space has had a pretty sobering time over the course of the past couple of days.

Many of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market have recorded enormous declines amidst market panic but the Cardano token ADA is one of the few tokens to have managed to buck the trend. The token has been on fire in recent days and it is easy to see why the price of ADA soared even as the rest of the market struggled.

It has emerged that the Cardano blockchain is on the verge of making a major move and upgrade its network again in order to make it better at handling smart contracts. This is a significant move and has excited both developers and investors. It is going to use a tool named the ERC-20 in order help in the easy migration of projects from other blockchains to its own. This move could boost activity on the blockchain considerably.