Cardano Soars By Tenfold YTD: Next Crypto Opportunity?

In a very short period of time (in two years approximately) Cardano could manage to follow Tether in the top 10 crypto coins with the largest market caps. Since December 2020 ADA rose from $0.1814 to $1.3819.

February was a vital month for ADA as it almost doubled till the 28th day. However, in March the buyers jumped off the bandwagon, maybe they applied a diversification strategy. April and March have become very volatile as the coin dances around $1.30 value. Nevertheless, its market cap is steadily standing near $44 billion.

Not many months left for ETH to cease its mining at all. Later on, other coins will surely become booming opportunities for miners and ADA won’t be one of them as it can be staked with unlimited units.