Fantom Coin Persists To Stay Above $0.48 On 2.55 Supply

Steadily persevering Fantom (FTM) has already exposed 28% growth in a week since last fall on April 18. Right now the coin is confidently moving towards $1 but holders are very few as volatility comes frequently.

On 25th February FTM suddenly jumped from $0.44 to $0.66 since many speculators do not intend to hold it for even a week. Everybody must bear in mind that penny stocks do not wait for newbies while they are in search of other penny coins.

Since the creation of FTM, the initial buyers or investors have already earned a 1523.8% ROI. Currently, trading volume is at $336,673,326 while its market cap is reaching $1,236,565,035. The suitable competitor of FTM in price is DogeCoin which is artificially backed by Elon Musk and social platforms.