CELO Coin Gains Momentum as excitement builds ‘Donut’ hardfork

The crypto market may be going through a pretty tough time in recent days but if investors and traders are vigilant, it is possible for them to discover certain cryptocurrencies that may be bucking the wider market trend.

One such cryptocurrency is CELO. In this context, it is necessary to note that the CELO token is part of a decentralized finance network and in recent times; DeFi has become hugely popular in the blockchain as well as crypto space.

The CELO protocol is particularly interesting since it consists of an open blockchain system and makes it possible for anyone with a smart phone to access the financial tool that are available there. Over the course of the past few days, the CELO token has been in the middle of a strong run and rebounded strongly from its low of $4.29 on May 16. Yesterday, it hit $6.70 a token, which reflects a significant rise. The 24 hours trading volume also surged by 740%.