Ethereum (ETH) Almost Hits $3K Mark: Why It’s Outperforming?

Ethereum (ETH) has consistently been the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world behind Bitcoin by market capitalization and the latest gains made by it is only going to strengthen that position.

The past year has been particularly good for the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency as it clocked gains of as much as 260% over the course of the past year. Back on April 29, the Ethereum token hit a new peak of $2977.61.

While it is true that it has enjoyed a strong rally, it should also be noted that Ethereum should also be noted that at this point it is far cheaper than Bitcoin. It is easy to see why Ethereum experienced such a strong rally recently. This past week the European Investment Bank announced that it issued 2-year notes worth as much as 100 million Euros by deploying the Ethereum blockchain. It might be a good time to keep an eye on Ethereum.