How to Trade Cardano Coin After The Recent Side Way Move

Everyday investors and traders are on the lookout for the latest trades and investors in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrencies that have been in prolonged consolidation are often seen to break out eventually and hence, Cardano might be a cryptocurrency worth tracking at this point in time.

The coin is trading at $1.3455 at this point and more importantly, it has been hovering around that level over the course of the past days. The dominance displayed by Ethereum has been one of the reasons behind the flat price movement in Cardano.

At this point, Cardano commands a market cap of $42.8 billion and by that token, it is the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in existence. Recently, it emerged that Cardano teamed up with the government of Ethiopia with the aim of decentralizing the education sector. This is a significant development and it remains to be seen if it can provide a boost to the Cardano price.