How To Trade Zilliqa (ZIL) Coin Ahead of The key Event

Key events like upgrades in the mainnet can lead to a bit of uncertainty around cryptocurrencies and that is what happened with Zilliqa earlier this week. The Zilliqa  (ZIL) price had collapsed in anticipation of a mainnet upgrade that had scheduled on Tuesday.

The crypto token had slumped to $0.2115 each yesterday, however, it was still higher than the low of $0.1966 that had been hit the previous night.

It is not among the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, since it commands a market cap of only $2.3 billion and ranks 59th in the world at this point. Zilliqa is one of the many blockchain powered projects in the world that seeks to provide developers with the necessary tooks for building decentralized applications. The Zilliqa project had been launched back in 2019 at the National University of Singapore and it has gained certain popularity over the past years.