Huobi Token Makes A Bullish Move This Week: Now What?

The past few days have been quite good for the crypto space and while Ethereum has hogged most of the headlines, there are other tokens that deserve attention as well.

One such cryptocurrency is the Huobi Token, which has managed to record gains of as much as 17% recently and managed to hit its all-time high of $27.93. The exchange is currently looking to attract the interest of institutional investors and the rally in the price of the token is certainly a welcome development.

The Huobi token is meant for rewarding people who use the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Asia and in recent days, it has gone on a strong rally. In addition to the possibility of attracting institutional investors, the news about the possibility of Huobi starting as many as four crypto-related funds also added to the intensity of the rally in the token. It is a token that could be on the watch lists of many at this point.