Matic Continues to Hit New Highs Despite Broader Crypto Fall

The crypto market has been in the middle of a bit of turmoil in recent times and investors as well as traders who are looking into coins that might have bucked the trend could consider looking into Matic.

This morning there has been a blood bath in the crypto markets and almost the entirety of the market is in the red. However, Matic has managed to emerge as the winner today and hit its all-time of high of $2 per token.

In this sort of situation, it is going to be interesting to see if Matic can continue to buck the trend and hold its own against the wider crypto market. Following a tweet from Lark Davis with regards to the state of affairs this morning, plenty of crypto enthusiasts shared their views about Matic. A higher volume of online discussions about a token can also prove to be a big boost sometimes.