Polygon Active Users Jump by 75,000 as DeFi Boom Continues

The cryptocurrency and blockchain space has grown at a remarkable rate in the past few years and nowadays there is a range of applications that might interest people.

One of those is Polygon, which is a well-known platform meant for the purposes of Ethereum infrastructure development and scaling. Over the course of the past seven days, the Polygon platform has grown at a significant clip and added as many as 75000 new users during that period.

According to data compiled by DappRadar, the influx of new users has been primarily triggered by the top 20 decentralized applications on the platform at this point. It has been suggested that more and more users are now flocking to the platform since transitions can be a lot faster and a lot cheaper. It is a significant development for the platform and highlights the fact that it could grow considerably in the future if it continues to add more applications.