Kusama is Finally Ready To Host Parachains: What Next?

When it comes to the cryptocurrency space, it is necessary for investors and traders to keep in mind that new developments happen every day. It is necessary to be abreast of those developments if one is to find an edge and yesterday it emerged Kusama is preparing to launch parachains on its network.

Kusama is a sister chain of the network known as Polkadot and in recent times the Polkadot DOT token known as DOT has also been in action. .

Gavin Wood, who had developed both Polkadot and Kusama, published a blog recently in which he stated that Polkadot is now in the fourth and final stage of the launch of its mainnet. It is a significant development in a number of ways however it seems to have had a negative effect on the DOT token. At one point yesterday, the token had dropped by as much as 2.2% in a 24 hour period to hit $39.51.