Newly Trending U.S. Stem Cell (USRM) Surges due to Rising Demand for Biotech Stocks

Developing various drugs and therapeutics for any rare disease becomes very normal for biotech firms that pursue goals in generating revenues from different sources. So, U.S. Stem Cell (OTC: USRM) is practicing the same rule now to survive the fierce competition in the biotech industry. Recently, USRM soared at least 75% within three trading days of December. Perhaps, new 2021 year is likely able to aid the stock with new investors who purchase shares in thousands.

On the last day of 2020, USRM managed to grow 38.64% on over 10 million shares as trampoline had worked in previous days. The demand for the shares had already been pushed to rise by the enthusiast investors. The current $0.0122 still seems to be a viable price tag for short term speculators.

On Monday the stock has to be volatile for a while as the shareholders may quit it after seeing good returns from investments. However, later on, some whales might purchase millions of shares to lift USRM up by 50% minimum.