Silently Rocketing Raadr (RDAR) Soars Drastically On Over 1 Billion Shares

There is little room for safe online socializing as bullying is widely spread among youth who don’t even know the etiquette of communication. That room is actually coming from apps that control the behavior of users while using social apps like FB, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and so on. Hence, Raadr (OTC: RDAR) is one of them trying to provide the best child control online for the parents.

So sad to see that Raadr has very penny shares that are available in the OTC market with a price tag of $0.0126 after they jumped 472.55% on 31st of December. Traders rarely find such dramatically soaring stocks while they dry up their own e-wallets for trading on national exchanges.

If the app succeeds in getting millions of customers the RDAR shares will surely rocket further to surpass the $10.00 mark but national exchanges could still have doubts about RDAR shares as the app may get fierce competition from IT advanced countries like India and Eastern European states.