Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO) Seems To Rocket By Repeating October’s Record High Tag

Healthcare stocks have long become an addiction for traders right after the pandemic began conquering the world. From the OTC market biotech shares of Northwest Biotherapeutics (OTC: NWBO) have been also keeping the traders go crazy because October’s trades were so good as the beating record high price was a phenomenon for the stock.

Developing the candidate DCVax for solid tumor cancer isn’t so smooth going project as it needs more brains (scientists), trials, cash, and approvals from the FDA for each phase. A lot of time is needed for it to build ever-growing revenue and earnings. So far, the current revenue and cashflow can’t cover all the expenses and costs without external financial aid.

Over $2.40 tag is possibly near for NWBO again as it is possible to surpass when positive data from clinical trials appear on the media page. Meanwhile, the current uptrend is weak amid speculators are closely watching the stock to get more than a 20% margin which can be temporary from their gut feeling.