Cerebain Biotech (CBBT) Surges Seriously By Combating Alzheimer’s Disease

The most fearless enemy of the elderly population, Alzheimer’s disease isn’t going to give up expanding in the patients’ brains so easily when the most focused biotech firm Cerebain Biotech (OTC: CBBT) comes to fight. Armored and weaponized by scientists Cerebain is still struggling with that trouble. Meanwhile, CCBT shares have been demonstrating good results in the OTC market since the last week of August.

Especially, trades in October pushed the stock to enjoy 20 fold returns while more than 140 million shares were thrown to make CBBT even hotter than ever. However, November’s trades made the shares frozen and not much attractive to penny stock lovers.

Fortunately, in December, CBBT is actually making big jumps with positively tripled changes. Before the next year, the shares may reach the $0.50 barrier which can be crossed only after good clinical trial results on Alzheimer’s disease drugs.