BioSolar (BSRC) Rises 374% For the Past Month: Will It Keep Surging Further?

As the EV market needs an uncertainly cosmic amount of lithium-ion batteries demanded by the hungry manufacturers who would like to partner with any mining company to create a strong supply chain. Hence, gray looking natural resources mining companies are obviously emerging in revenue and shares in their national exchanges. One of them is BioSolar (OTC: BSRC) which is facing a turning point in getting new purchase orders for its lithium-based battery tech and patents.

Right now BioSolar has no revenue but it can trade with intellectual rights and technology so other manufacturers will share some portion of their revenue sales in the future. Especially, Asian manufacturers are lacking in optimizing the EV battery, therefore, most of the orders might come from them. Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 earnings will likely be affected by the sudden long term purchase contracts as the competition to innovate the most efficient EV battery has a long time ago begun.