Ohio’s NovAccess Global (XSNX) Trying Luck In December To Reach $1 Tag Again

There is an unlucky stock (OTC: XSNX) that stays at bay without having attention from investors while it got positive earnings for Q4 along with 0.2040 EPS. For such a cheap $0.48 stock those good factors may play a very beneficial role to lift up the share price to even $10 before joining national equity exchanges.

Just four months ago XsunX changed its name to NovAccess and a month later acquired StemVax Therapeutics, a biotech subsidiary from Innovest Global. It seems NovAccess has extra cash to move forward in the competitive biotech industry but as far as we know it isn’t conducting any development of drugs or vaccines for specifically uncurable diseases.

Most possibly the XSNX’s shareholders are regularly receiving dividends since the revenue and earnings push the cashflow potential to new stages. However, the company has no stable revenue and needs to work hard on creating a new drug for rare diseases like cancer, migraine, stroke, HIV/AIDS, and many more.