This Stock is Making Someone Richer Than You Now: Enzolytics (ENZC)

Crazily rocketing biotech stocks have been blowing some minds without even prepared drugs or vaccines against viruses and rare diseases. Conducting a clinical trial of the most suitable candidate has actually given so huge rise in biotech stocks that have even zero revenue.

There is a biotech stock rising steadily after a sharp fall that ended yesterday. Meet Enzolytics (OTC: ENZC), an immunity-related drugs developing firm which is holding 49% interest in Immunotech Laboratories BG-Europe. Having this asset Enzolytics has an astonishing chance to develop any kind of drug which assists a patient’s immunity to resist or fight against incurable diseases and viruses.

After a merger with Bioclonetics, the ENZC shares suddenly rocketed 45% then volatility forced them to decline to $0.0396. Today the stock seems to be refreshed again after getting rid of the speculators who joined the bandwagon in the first week of December. Before ENZC plunges, buying several thousand shares may make you at least a 10% return.