Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO) surprises with sudden growth for Christmas celebration

What a cheerful week resides now for Northwest’s (NWBO) shareholders who almost thought their shares aren’t active recently. Before the holidays knock on the doors of 2020 to replace with 2021 the NWBO shares are still keeping their uptrending move to attract as many penny stock traders as possible for the upcoming year.

For volatility’s attack, NWBO is making trenches by holding strong faith having investors who are always interested in OTC stocks. The last week of 2020 will likely fall a bit to filter the short term jumpers who thought to quickly milk the cow of Northwest.

Developing a brain tumor drug has been normally difficult and time-consuming but it worth these costs that are estimated in millions and hundreds of hours respectively. So, only patient investors may win in the Northwest’s situation. Meanwhile, the stock is still able to grow on a weekly basis by fighting the volatility as well.