Solana (SOL) Coin Jumps to All-Time High as Bitcoin Falls

Although the bearish trend in the crypto markets is something that has not helped some of the more established coins in the sector, there are still some options that investors could consider at this point.

One of the tokens to have managed to break out in a big way recently is the SOL token, which is native to Solana. The significant gains made by SOL are tied to growing adoption on one hand and to a key breakthrough in the technical charts on the other.

On Sunday, the SOL token soared to $53.42 a token, which worked out to gains of as much as 23% in a cycle comprising of 24 hours. As a matter of fact, it was also a fresh historic high for the token and it is likely that many more investors are going to pile onto the SOL token today. It could be a good idea to keep it on the watch lists at this point.