Tenax Therapeutics (TENX) To Fall Suddenly After Swift Jump On Tuesday

For so long time Tenax Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TENX) has been struggling to make a record high jump but today it is trading above $2.40 while no clinical update is seen from the media at all. $1.07 wasn’t a good price for the biotech focused Tenax while other competitors are joining the COVID-19 crowd and earning high points in weeks.


There is a big fear that is inside the minds of professional traders. it is the flat price of TENX throughout last month. Perhaps, massively trading whales have turned their attention to TENX shares for a while.

Tomorrow, the current growth will not likely happen as speculative traders are always alert in jumping off such a drastic stock as soon as possible. So, typical analysts could expect an instant decline within hours. Shorting TENX shares may become a viable strategy in several hours.