Penny BioSolar (BSRC) Just Can’t Stop Being Active Stock From California

The renewable energy trend is going crazy in tech-based states like California and Texas. Some firms are trying any tech to get electric power from light, plants, water, hydrogen, and others. For several years BioSolar (OTC: BSRC) has been attempting to optimize hydrogen power generators, but later on, it jumped into the bandwagon of lithium-ion battery improvements.

Since mid-December, the stock suddenly has been jumping thrice, as a result, BSRC is reaching the $0.09 barrier because of the sensitive market. Just like Sunhydrogen (OTC: HYSR), the stock is rising due to the renewable energy boom which is surely related to lithium-ion EV batteries.

Soon BSRC will likely trade in OTC like PLNHF or LKNCY for its enormous popularity. Right now the stock needs to cross the $1 line first; that’s the toughest task for any penny stock which is always targeted by speculative traders. Some long-term investors should hold the BSRC shares for a while.