Alpine 4 Technologies (ALPP) Might Join One of the U.S National Stock Exchanges

Banning foreign drone manufacturing brands in the U.S will likely aid the local tech companies to make their own UAVs from zero without outsourcing from abroad. One of the lucky technology developers Alpine 4 Technologies (OTC: ALPP) is facing a new opportunity to offer various types of professional and amateur drones in North America.

Since mid-November ALPP shares were hardly climbing on several millions of shares. However, crossing $1 in December has indeed pushed the shares to jump in mid-December. For the OTC market, it is a common situation when some stocks just blast off without any indicator.

For the last week of 2020 ALPP shares may perform well as before but some competing UAV stocks might slow down the growth of the stock. Even a slow growth can lead ALPP to join some national exchanges to raise significant funds to build manufacturing power to replace the Chinese drones in North American markets.