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Optec International (OPTI) Regains Momentum: Are You Holding?

Optec International Inc’s (OTC: OPTI) stock emerged as one of the major gainers over the course of the past week and gained as much as 100% after investors piled on to it.

The rally in the stock possible came about due to a deal signed by OPTEC with the Vinco Ventures’ growth platform Markets on Main earlier this month. It is a significant development for OPTEC considering the fact that the company’s health and wellness products are going to be made available on e-commerce and live shopping.

The company will not get access to a larger pool of customers and hence, it is easy to see why investors are excited about the project.  In this regard, it is also necessary to keep in mind that Markets on Main is also likely to provide OPTEC with logistical support.

Some of the company’s best-known products like Hydroxyl Portable Air Sterilizer and I-Wand are going to be made available.