Consumer Defensive

The Very Good Food (VRYYF) Heading Towards $7.00 Tag Again After Declining On Tuesday

Last week The Very Good Food (OTC: VRYYF) has signaled traders that fall may happen because of flat moves throughout five days. Then, Monday has brought a very shocking decline from $7.10 to $6.15 on more than 600 thousand shares. Gut feeling normally whispers such a fall could lead to a sudden rise on the next day, unfortunately, VRYYF went down to $5.30.

Perhaps, today the stock isn’t hesitant to grow again to surpass the $7 line as the packaged foods industry can’t just shrink because of the obvious ending of the pandemic while Pfizer’s vaccines are already being shipped to the severely hurt patients. The lockdown had actually changed the consumer behavior towards certain products on the shelves of grocery stores.

From now on remote working will be in trend for so long as people will find commuting as a boring and time-wasting activity. So, The Very Good Food shouldn’t be worried about the demand from the ever-busy consumers who can’t find time to cook delicious food from the scratch. Today traders are witnessing a slow growth of VRYYF shares that could jump suddenly on upcoming days.