Reviving Stock To Bet On Big Returns: Aethlon Medical (NASDAQ: AEMD)

December becomes the next month of newly rising healthcare stocks which most of the time cost pennies. Aethlon Medical (AEMD) is also taking advantage of this moving bandwagon by jumping over 100% on about a million shares that are heavily demanded by the medicine focused investors. Neck and head cancer treatment has actually led the stock to pop today after a clinical trial of Hemopurifier which directly participated in treating the first patient.

AEMD could easily cross $3.00 just today before the market opened at 09:30 am EDT. Some traders are sure the next success in using the candidate Hemopurifier which will become the main engine to generate the soaring revenue maybe the next year. Over 25 million shares are already taking part in lifting up the stock so it can raise enough funds in direct offering next time.


Even though the last two quarters’ earnings didn’t beat the expected earnings AEMD shares will steadily grow due to having the solid candidate for treating head and neck cancer patients. Right now volatility is showing the upper hand to pull the stock down to $1.50 again because speculators are selling off their shares with cheers.