TRON Makes a Bullish Move This Week After The News

In recent months, TRON has become one of the more closely followed cryptocurrencies and last week, the Chief Executive Officer of Tron, Justin Sun made a major announcement.

In a tweet on April 30, Sun stated that Tron is in the process of launching a new product name Apollo, a cross-chain scaling solution. He went on to state that by way of Apollo it will be easy for users to transfer data as well as assets across a range of chains in a secure manner.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is evolving at a rapid rate and hence, it is necessary for different projects to come up with new products in order to gain competitive advantages. Apollo is going to be part of the fast-growing TRON ecosystem. However, in addition to that, it will also provide a lot of openness and the opportunity to scale up without any limits at all.