ABBC Coin Doubles in Juts A Week: Still A Good Buy?

In recent times, many new crypto projects have come into focus owing to the strong rally across the sector. One of the latest ones to have done is ABBC coin.

The recent rally in cryptocurrency is not hard to understand. It all stems from a tweet made by Buyaladdin back on April 22. In the tweet, it was announced that Buyaladdin was going to host an event related to ABBC Coin and the winner at that event will be able to buy products worth $100 with a solitary ABBC Coin.

This announcement from Buyaladdin led to a strong buying trend in the ABBC Coin and has been the primary reason behind the gains recorded by the coin so far. While the rally might be exciting, it is also necessary to keep in mind that the ABBC Coin is not actually listed on many of the more popular crypto exchanges.

Jason Daniel, the CEO of the ABBC Foundation has however recently revealed that it is in talks with many of the well-known exchanges with regards to a listing.