UNQL Stock: Recent Q2 Results Lead to Quadrupled Share Price

A week ago UNQL was one of the unpopular stocks among OTC symbols. Only one report made it jump by 400% as the demand for freight and shipment rockets after a ‘meaningless’ pandemic. That’s not only a cause; 225% skyrocketing rise vs prior to the year in net sales, 190% jump in operating income vs prior to the year, adjusted EBITDA surged 89% prior to year. Sunandan Ray, the CEO, claims to have plans to finish aimed acquisitions after showing impressive Q2 earnings. For sure, some OTC-loving stock buyers have turned their eyes to UNQL for unexpected positive reports. As seeing external factors such as demand for the services pushes the revenue as high as it was several years ago, the stock seems to grow steadily by following effective cost saving and debt reduction.Road Freight Zero | World Economic Forum Investors will be watchful after the stock as it looks promising for long-term shareholding. Sophisticated and experienced buyers should not forget the company has several competitors that pursue the same goals while they have fewer problems than UNQL. The daily 10 million volume can’t assure investors to hold and buy the stock for even a couple of months while many freight and shipping-based companies may show off soon with their obsessive financial reports. By the way, short-term operating buyers have already made several thousand on the stock.