VeChain (VET) Gains Further Momentum: What to do Now?

One of the cryptocurrencies that seems to be currently poised for a significant rally is VeChain (VET). Over the course of the past four days VET has managed to record consistent gains and that has taken its gains over the course of the year so far to new heights as well.

Back on April 23, VET had hit its lowest level of $0.2172 a token but a major pitch from developers with regards to Enterprise Non-Fungible Token (eNFT) recently has given it a major boost.

In recent days, NFTs have come into significant prominence among traders. In their pitch, the developers stated that these eNFTs could unlock considerable and sustainable value for a range of businesses. In addition to that, the main building blocks of the eNFT were also specified in the proposal. It is a significant development and now it remains to be seen if VET can continue to record gains over the coming days.