ViaDerma (VDRM) Stock Soars 1805 in 3-Week: What’s The Buzz?

It is almost always a good move if investors look into stocks that have delivered considerable gains over a few weeks and by that logic, it might be worthwhile to look into the ViaDerma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) stock.

The stock has rallied strongly over the course of the past three weeks and managed to deliver gains of 180%. The real trigger for the rally came about on May 13 when the company announced that it was in the final stages of discussions in relation to a large order for its product Vitastem from a well-known healthcare network.

Vitastem is a wound care product and the announcement from ViaDerma resulted in considerable optimism among investors about the stock. The healthcare network had actually completed the testing of Vitastem successfully last year and eventually gave the green light for placing the order. The product is expected to be made available at hospices, nursing homes and hospitals.