Cheapest Relief Therapeutics (RLFTF) Declines Further as the Pandemic Seems Undefeatable

Since last year’s January RLFTF has been continuously melting till today’s $0.078 mark. There should be any room for Relief’s aviptadil to find a stable market while the pandemic seems to end very soon. The stock got hot in 2020 for its sensational news regarding the promising candidate. The last days of RLFTF could be seen obvious as it keeps going down without rising for even a week.Omicron may feel like a common cold, but docs say 'long COVID' is still a risk | The recent updates from US partners might give some hope to the stock but not all patients may find aviptadil beneficial after trying all the medicines. Swiss-based Relief has only managed to get into multi-million populated US market while several counterparts have made solid establishments in marketing their brands.