NeuroBo (NRBO) Up 9%: What’s Next?

One of the coronavirus stocks, NRBO rises a bit by 9% in premarket by getting a serious volume of 900k shares. Q3 earnings probably affected its moves last Friday but today it could hold its chance to stand out of under $1 micro stocks. NeuroBo has several candidates in its collection to fight different diseases and viruses. The prominent one is ANA001, a covid-19 patients’ treating oral niclosamide formulation that is programmed to heal moderate coronavirus disease.Harvard advisers on Omicron, shifting protocols – Harvard Gazette Not a long time left to consider the covid-19 as a common influenza virus-like flu. In some parts of the UK, the virus ceases to be called a deadly virus. Instead the British call it a simple fewer. So the US might follow the same steps unless officials won’t let the public stop fearing the virus. In a couple of months, biotech stocks will likely lose their popularity after the covid-19 trend goes away.