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Luckin Coffee (LKNCY) Can’t Just Give Up Soaring Further

The amazing trading day just passed more than 15 hours ago for Luckin Coffee (OTC: LKNCY) shares that rose 96.52% to $7.35 on over 29 million units. So many news topics were pessimistic about the continuous growth of LKNCY while a flat move has actually got many analysts to doubt the stock’s future rise. However, silently standing Luckin Coffee surprised us even a couple of months ago by rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

Nevertheless, November trades have factually forced so many investors to run away because of slowly plunging shares. So, the number of shareholders was very few yesterday, and only new ones just jumped onto the bandwagon or massively trading whales merely acquired millions of shares in minutes.

Obviously, trending OTC shares are still predictable as analysts gave a clear picture of what can happen in a couple of months. Therefore, LKNCY will still be buzzing on headlines before returning to NYSE by claiming that it has no serious financial issues. Soon, the shareholders may cheer after witnessing NYSE: LK becomes lively again.