Why Cardano Surges While Other Cryptos Were Falling?

The cryptocurrency market has had a tough time over the past 24 hours or so owing to the comments from Tesla founder Elon Mush about the environmental dangers of Bitcoin.

While most of the major cryptocurrencies in the market have recorded steep declines owing to those comments, the Cardano token ADA remains a major exception. In this regard, it is also necessary to note that ADA is not some small token either.

It commands the fourth biggest market cap among all cryptocurrencies and hence, its continued surge is expected to be noticed by almost all crypto investors and traders. More importantly, ADA is environmentally much more sound and offers a token that is far less carbon-intensive than many of the other tokens in the market. Naturally, investors have piled on to it in the hope that ADA is going to be the cryptocurrency of choice for many environment-conscious investors in the future.