Incent Token Briefly Overtakes Ethereum To Become No.2 Digital Currency After Bitcoin

Outrageous situation is happening right now with Cryptocurrency world since Ethereum skyrocketed last month. This time around 4 years old former ICO (Initial Coin Offering) called Incent Token is making tsunami waves across ERC20 token environment. In fact, Incent seems to be serious by introducing groundbreaking financial support for live streamers.

Some time around 3.15 pm GMT, Incent token shot to moon by replacing Ethereum as number two crypto in the world after Bitcoin. Only one exchange allows Incent for it’s trading platform which is Folgory. Shocking $3568 price tag was briefly hanging on Incent token. Nevertheless, after 30 minutes live-view Coinmarketcap website reported back Incent price down to 94 percent only making it $0.005 penny crypto. Of course, Incent belongs to existing Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 token. Amazingly, working mechanism looks promising when it comes to ideal streamers and their viewers getting reward for fulfilling simple tasks.

Win-Win situation created by Ingage application between streamers and viewers somehow breathtaking. It simply generates random reward codes during live broadcast on the screen of viewers. Those codes can be redeemed in a form of Cryptocurrency provided in Incent website.

If viewers can get Incent why not the streamers too. Here is the sweetest part of Incent ecosystem. Streamers may unlock their earning potentials after paying $2 monthly fee to become a Pro streamers. Pro account allows them to get Incent rewards for every redeemed code generated during their own live stream, real-time analytics for accurate viewer statistics, receive donation from viewers, customize the reward rate and creating custom URL directing their viewers to preferred website.

In a paper, this reward mechanism ought to be the best choice for both side. However, only one limitation here being the Folgory as a single exchange platform providing the conversion of Incent tokens into other cryptocurrencies. Current market bull run in crypto world sends a huge signal towards relentless innovation in finance and technology. Traditional financing via physical money might be ended sooner than any investor expected. So, writing off the Incent’s brief bull run is not a good idea for every crypto holders. Invest wisely and hold well-established digital currencies for your own sake.