NBMiner 39.0 Unlocks 52MH/s Ethereum Mining Performance Using RTX 3070 Ti LHR Graphics Card

It’s just a matter of time to unlock the Nvidia LHR (Low HashRate) GPUs for NBMiner team. And yes, they did it. Amazingly, NBMiner developer team successfully unlocks RTX 3070 Ti card’s mining potential by up to 30%.

Initially, Nvidia corporate team has decided to lower down the Ethereum hashrate for the latest Ampere RTX 3000 sereis Ti lineup of High End GPUs due to crypto miners getting them first before gamers couldn’t grab anything.

For this low hashrate issue being a significant obstacle for miners, at last NBMiner steps in to save them. Mindboggling 52MH/s can be produced by RTX 3070 Ti at 180W average power consumption. Previously, most popular T-Rex miner might reach about 42MH/s only. Folks at Dizzy Mining channel did their first ever attempt to test NBMiner 39.0 via YouTube video sharing.

In this case, RTX 3070 Ti almost on par with Radeon RX 5700 level of performance, but higher power consumption and pricing could be a big issue since Nvidia did a heavy blow by putting a hefty $600 price tag. With that goes the GPU price hiking again in this silicone shortage era. Good luck for gamers getting RTX 3070 Ti card at MSRP till Ethereum Proof Of Stake upgrade next year around April or maybe little bit longer.